4 Telltale Signs That Your Kid Is Ready For Preschool

As a loving parent, sending your child to preschool can be an overwhelming experience. Your kid is entering into a completely new environment, and there is that pressure to know if you're making the right decision. 

Luckily, there are signs that will tell you when your child is ready to join preschool. However, before mentioning them, it's important to note that all these signs may not be present in your kid, and they may still be ready to join preschool. Children develop at different rates, so this is generally one of those case-by-case situations. 

With that said, here are four signs that indicate your child is ready for a preschool program.

They Can Spend Some Time Alone

When children are away from their parents for the first time, they frequently suffer worry or separation anxiety. However, if your child has previously been cared for by a relative or a babysitter, they will be familiar with being away from you and will adapt easily to the preschool atmosphere. 

If you're not sure whether your kiddo can handle time alone, consider letting them stay with a trusted adult for a few days to see how they will react. Alternatively, you can arrange with the preschool to have you drop them off there for an hour or two for several days to get them accustomed to the new environment. 

They Can Express Themselves

Kids develop language skills at different rates. Some three-year-olds can communicate in complete sentences, while others can only speak three to four-word phrases. Such variation is normal and to be expected. 

However, if your kid is about to join preschool, assess whether they can express their basic needs. Can they tell an adult when they're hungry, when they're not feeling well, or when they want to use the bathroom? Again, they don't have to express these needs in complete sentences. But adults, like their teachers, should be able to understand what they want. 

They're Potty Trained

Some preschools will not require kids to be potty trained. But this is a skill that will allow your child to enjoy their time at the school and avoid the embarrassment of messing up their pants all the time. 

However, it's critical to remember that accidents do happen. Your kid may go in on their pants once in a while, and preschool teachers understand this. Also, if your child often needs assistance with washing up, the teachers will gladly offer it to them. 

They Can Follow Simple Instructions

Being able to follow simple instructions is a surefire sign that your child is ready to handle classroom expectations. Teachers often require kids to follow some directions, like when it's time to sit down, when it's time for meals, and when it's time to arrange toys. 

Obviously, young children cannot adhere to a string of complex instructions. If your kid can follow basic directions, you can bet they are now ready for preschool. 

For more information, visit a local preschool