2 Things To Remember When Introducing A Child To Pre-K

Introducing your child to the pre-k classroom is both exciting and a little scary. During this time, you're entire family will begin to experience a change – that baby that you sent off to pre-k will come home acting like an older, more responsible child. So, what do you need to know before you send your little one off to pre-k? Here, you'll find a few things to remember as your family begins this next chapter in life. Read More 

3 Tips for Fighting Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is increasingly prevalent, with chronic diseases typically seen in adults also being attributed to the rising obesity rates in children. A multifaceted approach to fighting this epidemic can help children maintain healthier body weights and possibly not reach adulthood with chronic diseases. Start Early Many parents face finicky eaters, with vegetables being the primary battleground. The easiest way to minimize this problem is to start when children first begin eating solid foods. Read More