Books to Help Your Kids Enjoy Daycare

Even the best changes in life can be challenging at first. Think about your first few days in a new house or when you started a new job, and you can quickly start empathizing with how children must feel when starting daycare. Yes, the daycare is a lot of fun, and it will help enrich their lives in many ways. However, the newness of the experience of child care services can intimidate kids at first. Help your children process the concept of daycare and appreciate it better by reading these children's books about daycare to them.

I Love Daycare by Joy Berry

Joy Berry explores many aspects of a child's experience with daycare in I Love Daycare. Recommended for toddlers between the ages of one and three, this book addresses some common concerns that little ones can have when starting daycare. It's told in a simple, sweet, and straightforward way that toddlers can understand. It can help toddlers get a better grasp on why they go to daycare, what they will be doing there, and how they can enjoy it.

Carl Goes to Daycare by Alexandra Day

Recommended for children between the ages of four through seven, Carl Goes to Daycare by Alexandra Day reveals the adventures of Carl, a charming Rottweiler dog who is the companion of a little girl named Madeleine. When Madeleine goes to daycare, Carl comes along, and he saves the day when the teacher gets locked out of the daycare. This intelligent dog keeps the normal daycare schedule in the charming story that will make kids eager to go to daycare, too.

When My Mommy and Daddy Leave Me at Daycare by C. C. Couchois

C. C. Couchois wrote When My Mommy and Daddy Leave Me at Daycare to teach toddlers about daycare and help ease anxieties young kids may have about it. It is told in comforting prose and will serve to educate as well as entertain. The colorful illustrations help convey how fun and interesting daycare can be. Parents can read it with their children, then start a discussion about daycare and what it will be like.

Finally, keep in mind that books about daycare can be useful tools in helping children adjust to this new opportunity in their lives. Books that help them understand the daycare experience can ensure they feel comfortable and know what to expect at daycare. That can make the day easier on parents, kids, and caregivers. For more tips on helping your toddler adjust to daycare, check out sites like