2 Activities That Your Child Can Participate In During Daycare

Those who run daycare facilities realize just how important it is to have a structured day planned out for all of the children who attend. Without this structure, chaos is likely going to ensue simply because of the sheer amount of children and the vast age differences amongst them. Thankfully the daycare workers realize this, so they take the time to create a program for the children to follow and participate in each day. Read More 

Books to Help Your Kids Enjoy Daycare

Even the best changes in life can be challenging at first. Think about your first few days in a new house or when you started a new job, and you can quickly start empathizing with how children must feel when starting daycare. Yes, the daycare is a lot of fun, and it will help enrich their lives in many ways. However, the newness of the experience of child care services can intimidate kids at first. Read More 

Daycare And Your Child: Learning At The Preschool Level

What is your child learning at daycare? When you drop your child off at the center, you know that the loving teachers will supervise and care for her. But that's not all. Child care centers are also places where early learning happens. Even though it might seem like your little one is spending the day building with blocks, finger painting, and doing all sorts of activities that you would think of as simple child's play, she's actually developing essential skills that will help her now and later on. Read More 

Preschool At Three: Should You Wait Another Year?

The benefits of sending your child to preschool are clear: Kids who go to preschool gain independence, tend to have good language skills, and have an advantage when it comes to being prepared for kindergarten says GreatKids. Most preschool programs can begin at either age three or four. Children who are already in daycare might transition naturally into preschool at the age of three, while moms and dads who stay home with their children might prefer to keep their kids home for an extra year and send them at four, instead. Read More